Pay Per Click Management

There are a lot reasons customers choose PPC. Often it is because they just can’t afford to wait for their website to start making them money. Your business may need to increase leads and customer NOW in which case our customized platform for PPC is the best way to go. We have found a way to get visitors to your site from PPC almost instantly!


  • Keyword Research – we take the time to find out what your potential customers are searching for and use these common keywords to craft your PPC
  • Create Ads – we use these precise keywords to create advertisements that align with each of the chosen keywords. These will pop up when a customer searches for any of these keywords and ultimately attract more people to your site.
  • Website Traffic – This is the ultimate goal of any digital marketing plan: increase traffic to your site. These ads will be posted all over, using multiple search engines and even other websites. You will see results immediately, no need to wait!


We will always start by trying to gain a better understanding of your targeted demographic. Once we complete our original research we will create a custom campaign that is perfectly designed for your business. This plan will incorporate your business goals, and use our marketing experience to make sure you get the best possible ROI for your PPC campaign.

Don’t waste your money trying to go at it on your own. Hire a professional who will save you money and keep you from gaining mis-directed clicks that don’t ever end in conversion.

Here is what we will do for you to make sure you get the best ROI.

  • Create your individual PPC Strategy
  • Analyze your chosen demographic and market
  • Research the success of previous PPC campaigns (if applicable)
  • Analyze your website for conversion optimization
  • Create ads for Search engines and other avenues.
  • Precise keyword selection.
  • Maximize your budget to get your best ROI
  • Hire professionals to write great ad copy
  • Help you target the best geographical areas to advertise to.
  • Track metrics that help you gain insight into your campaigns success

After your campaign has been put in place, and everything is live you can rest assured that your website will be seen by the best customers for your particular demographic. Then we will keep track of the success of the campaign as we go in order to make sure you are getting the best bang for the buck.

Ongoing Account Management – We don’t just help you get off the ground, we can help you continually increase the performance of all your PPC ads. Search engines and customer trends are constantly changing. We make a point to stay on top of these trends. By using us to help you with your ongoing PPC campaigns you can trust that your money is continually being spent on the most effect marking possible. It is incredibly important to allow a professional to handle all of your PPC ads in order to ensure you are getting your best ROI. By allowing us to work with you from conception to execution all the way to management, your company can easily take their digital marketing to the next level!

When you’re looking to generate fast website traffic and eyeballs on your products and services paid advertising – PPC does the job. PPC is often called search engine marketing. The advantage of pay per click is you get near instant results. While search engine optimization is necessary, it’s part of your long term strategy and like PPC it requires its own expertise. And SEO often takes weeks or months to achieve first page ranking’s. Interestingly good SEO can last a long time, whereas PPC only works when you pay for it. Your choice depends on your objectives – do you need immediate results or do you want long term results that build overtime or both? For that instant pop to your web traffic pay per click is the answer.

Step 1: Keyword Research: This is a critical first step – both for SEO and PPC. It pays to invest the time to analyze the searches and your ideal prospects and use the Keywords to start your PPC campaigns.

Step 2: PPC Ad Creation: Once the Keyword research is complete they are used to create optimized ads – which will result in the best click through rate of your ads. The optimizing will be the reason why your ad shows up when your ideal customer searches for your product or service.

Web Traffic and Conversions

This answers the question – why use PPC? To increase visitors to your website and have the opportunity to demonstrate/showcase the problems you solve and to set a remarketing pixel (more on that later). By using PPC your ad(s) will be seen across the web, on multiple search engine results and on other websites. And the results begin NOW – no waiting around! Research! To gain a better understanding of your targeted audience, we will ask you for your ideal clients and also research your competition. Then begins the first custom campaign, which will be fine tuned for your business objectives plus use your experts in PPC marketing to leverage your PPC plan for maximum ROI.

Ultimately, we don’t want you to waste your hard earned dollars. If you’re tired of going on your own with limited results hire us – professionals who will help you save those dollars and prevent either ‘bad’ clicks (caused by not including negative words in your campaign) or targeting too broadly. You want conversions and customers/clients/patients not just visitors.

So let’s break down what happens next:

  • Plan your custom PPC Campaign Strategy
  • Diagnose and analyze the target market and audience
  • Look back at any previous PPC campaigns for clues to employ in a new campaign.
  • Take an objective view of your website and its potential conversion and places for optimization.
  • Create the actual ads for search engines
  • Granular Keyword phrase selection
  • Diagnose and monitor the campaign and remove low performing keywords, add negative keywords and maximize groups.
  • Review your monthly budget to maximize your ROI.
  • Use a team of professional copywriters for the ad copy.
  • Ensure your market area and demographics are targeted in your ads
  • Monitor and track ad metrics and insights to continue your ad campaign successes.

Now the best work is being done for you! Your PPC ad campaign(s) are live and your ads will show up when your ideal customer/client/patient searches to solve their problems. And as the campaign matures, we’ll continue to monitor, fine tune and optimize for maximum ROI.

Continuous Management of Your Account

The whole strategy revolves around the continuous support, monitoring and adjusting of your Google PPC Ad campaigns. We do this because your clients and customers needs are changing and of course search engine algorithms are always changing! And our responsibility is to always stay on top of the changes. With our help, you’ll have successful PPC ads and the results and continue to achieve maximum results and continue to achieve maximum return on your investment.

Like yourself – a professional in your business – hiring us to handle your PPC and ensures you’re hiring a professional who have a team to oversee and manage successful PPC campaigns. So your next step is to let us set up your PPC ads and campaigns, monitor and measure the metrics and then managed the refinement and deployment of the PPC ad campaigns. We’re here to help take your business’s digital internet marketing to new heights and increased ROI!!



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